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Mr Cheung Kwok Wing, the Chairman accompanied the representatives of banking sector in Fogang and Huizhou Industrial Park visit
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    On 22 February 2011, about 60 guests from more than 20 international banks including HSBC, Standard Chartered, Citibank, CCB, Fubon, BEA, United Overseas and Sumitomo Mitsui paid a visit to Fogang Kingboard Industrial Park. Mr Cheung Kwok Wing, the Chairman, Directors Mr Lam Ka Po and Ms. Cheung Wai Lin and the senior management from the plants in Fogang Kingboard Industrial Park accompanied our guests for plant tour and luncheon.

    Our guests visited the copper foil plant, paper plant, PVB resins plant, laminates plant and Techwise PCB plant. General manager of each plant explained the production flow for their products and the advanced equipment utilized at their plant.

    During the plant tour, the Chairman showed our guests the reverse osmosis waste treatment system that utilized at the copper foil plant. He stressed that while the Group strives for product quality and capacity growth, we use the best raw materials and advanced technique to reduce and minimize waste emissions. The Company invested in advanced waste treatment system, which recycles over 70% of waste water. Waste water disposal complies with the highest national standard in China, ensuring that the environment will not be affected. We strictly comply with the national requirement for environmental assessment approval and environmental inspection.

    During the visit of PVB plant, the Chairman explained that there are only five plants producing PVB resins in the world currently. Kingboard is the only manufacturer in China while all the others are overseas. Given great potential in PVB market, we plan to build a new PVB plant in Changzhou, Jiangsu province to capture additional market share in this business.

    The guests continued to visit Huizhou Phenol/ Acetone plant in the afternoon after lunch. Through this visit, out guests had a clear and in-depth understanding of our operation and vertically integrated business model.

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